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Covid-19 中医有法宝!

患者B确诊Covid 3天,表现为咽痛、头痛、嗅觉和味觉丧失、身体痛、恶寒、睡眠差、黄鼻涕。


  1. 线上问诊,要求您发送一张舌头照片*舌诊是中医四诊之一,透过舌像我们能从中了解你身体的情况
  2. 我们会做出中医诊断*不是每位Covid病人都有相同的诊断,都是根据您的体质和现在的状况而判断

  3. 中药方
  4. 支付

  5. 安排快递把中药送到你家


Patient B was infected with covid for 3 days, presented with sore throat, headache, loss of smell and taste, bodyache, chills, poor sleep, runny nose, with yellow discharge.

How do we treat Covid-19?

  • Do online consultation and  a tongue photo will requested 
  • *Tongue diagnosis is one of theTCM diagnostic method for us to understand your current body condition 

    1. Come out with a chinese medicine diagnosis
      *Not every covid patient has the same diagnosis
    2. Herbal prescription
      *A customized herbal prescribed (herbal powder, no cooking required) made for you according to your diagnosis
      *Function: Boost your immunity to clear pathogen
      *Relieve covid symptoms 
    3. Made payment
    4. Medicine deliver to your doorstep 

    Patient B was prescribed 5 days of herbal medication, taken 3 times daily. After the medication all her symptoms subsided.