FACT CHECK: 有PCOS还能怀孕吗?Can I get pregnant with PCOS – Virtue TCM 醫道閣

FACT CHECK: 有PCOS还能怀孕吗?Can I get pregnant with PCOS






Many women with PCOS have higher infertility risk  because ovum is not released during menstrual cycle (anovulation). 


In western medicine, PCOS patients are commonly prescribed with ovulatory stimulating drug to induce ovulation initially. Sometimes medications alone are not effective for women with PCOS and do not result in ovulation or pregnancy. In this case, the patient may receive fertility injections which will help the body release an egg or go for IVF treatment. 

In Chinese medicine,  we regulates the patient according to her body constitution, through using herbal medication and acupuncture treatment, to improve  ovulation and menstrual cycle gradually.

Therefore, women with PCOS still have chance to get pregnancy with proper medical treatment.