FACT CHECK:男生可以喝八珍汤吗? Is Ba Zhen soup suitable for male? – Virtue TCM 醫道閣

FACT CHECK:男生可以喝八珍汤吗? Is Ba Zhen soup suitable for male?








The reason why Ba Zhen soup is so popular is due to its good effect on blood tonic and is often consumed after menstruation. Actually, Ba Zhen Soup is a formula that tonic blood and Qi

a traditional Chinese medicine prescription that nourishes both qi and blood. Regardless of sex, those with deficient in qi and blood are suitable to take this soup! 

It typically drinks after  menstruation, as Bazhen soup can tonify qi and blood that we lost during menstrual period.  

Symptoms of Qi and blood deficiency: Fatigue, shortness of breath, laziness, speechlessness, pale or yellow complexion, pale lip, palpitations, insomnia, less period blood, delayed menses, or amenorrhea, pale tongue and weak pulse.