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Anti-aging Facial Acupuncture

This natural & long-established TCM facial acupuncture is a safe alternative to surgery or Botox to enhance skin’s texture, smoothness & slow down the aging process. Let your beauty shine from inside out!

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Cupping therapy uses different types of cups to produce wide stimulations and forms local congestion on specific acupoints to achieve therapeutics effects. This therapy stimulate essence qi, improve qi and blood circulation, unblock the meridians and collaterals which able to improve and strengthen body immune system.

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Acupuncture has been practice for over 2000 years as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The World Health Organization recognizes the effectiveness of acupuncture for more than 60 conditions.

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TCM Pain Management

Through our gentle, but firm manipulation of body parts, SRM helps to improve body alignment, regulate fascia structure and regain tension balance, resulting in improved overall emotional and physical well-being.

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Our Patient Says

Happy to get my back and knee problems treated by the experienced Dr Lim.
Most importantly without much pain.

Eddy H.

Great experience, very good advise. The practitioner would give u genuine advise on how to manage your health. This place do both chiro and TCM.


Doctor Lim is very patience person and explain the steps well, he fixed my wrist twisted problem.

Tzu Hsun C.

Visited due to back pain. Give good result. Will be back again.

Rafizulkamal S.

Have a good Experience and best Treatment. Can release my long Time suffer pain.

Janica L.

Get my body treatment at this good environment and good service center. reasonable price.

Etheon L.


Ooi Mee


sHusHaN L.


Xuan Xuan

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