About Us – Virtue TCM 醫道閣

About Us

Virtue TCM is a holistic treatment centre that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and other natural therapies to develop unique treatment therapies. We believe that combining natural remedies, manipulation techniques, and aromatherapy allows us to give the best and most effective treatment plans to our clients.

In order to personalise treatment plans, our professional physicians at Virtue TCM examine and address the deeper underlying causes of pain, physical and emotional issues for each patient. The root causes of diseases can include lifestyle and diet, poor postural habits, skeletal and structural variations, tensions in connective tissues, and sometimes, even repressed emotions that have a strong mind-body connection. Each physical pain or symptom is generally a result of more than one root cause.

In line with promoting the basis of TCM by encouraging a “prevention is better than cure” attitude, we are dedicated to creating awareness of general overall mental, physical and emotional health, and the correlation between these three areas of our bodies.