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TCM Gynaecology

Uterus is a female reproductive organ, a house where embryo form and baby grow. Both ovaries, fallopian tube and endometrium are important foundation in this building. Once the foundation of the house is unstable, it will easily collapse and not suitable for living. Excessive growth in uterus (eg, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cancer, etc.) will affect the uterus’s structure and fertility rate. Temperature in uterus is affecting qi and blood circulation. This is the reason why cold uterus is always presented with less blood flow or prolonged menstrual cycle. Less ventilation affects air flow in the house, when you have poor qi circulation in uterus, blood is hard to be propelled. 

Without a stable foundation, a building will not be reliable nor last a long time, hence construction is needed. Based on structural concepts from systemic resilience theory, Virtue TCM believes that gynecology disease is affected by surrounded abdominal structure tension imbalance, SR acupuncture regulates abdominal fascia structure and achieves tension balance around the uterus. Moreover, herbal medication is often combined with SR acupuncture to improve uterus’s qi and blood circulation and change its’ inner environment to ensure smooth menstruation and suitable for fertility.