SR Acupuncture – Virtue TCM 醫道閣

SR Acupuncture

系统还原针灸 (SR 针灸)

Virtue TCM’s SR (Systematic Resilience) Acupuncture, utilizing the Lin's manipulation structural assessment to pinpoint imbalances within the fascia system. By precisely targeting affected fascia and muscles with acupuncture, it aims to alleviate tension and pain effectively. Unlike traditional methods, needles are not left in place; instead, they are manipulated within the affected system. This approach not only provides instant relief but also ensures a longer-lasting balance throughout the entire fascia system. Despite the comprehensive treatment, the process is completed efficiently within a timeframe of 30 minutes to an hour, offering a convenient option for those seeking relief from discomfort and restoring balance to their bodies.

🌿Provide holistic structural assessment
🌿Targets fascia system rather than just the local area
🌿Relieve body ache
🌿Improve muscle recovery
🌿Lower swelling
🌿Enhanced range of motion
🌿Headache and migraine relief
🌿Improved neurological conditions
🌿Reduce stress        

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