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De-stress Treatment

Majority of us suffer from long working hours and mental pressure, causing problems like shoulder and neck stiffness, backache, emotional tension, mental fatigue, eye fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, etc.

De-stress package provided by our center combined both TCM and aromatherapy helps to relieve tension, improve shoulder and neck fatigue, poor sleep, digestion and other problems.

Relax and recharge with our TCM De-stress Treatment! Relax muscles, relieve stress, and boost circulation in a quick escape. Say goodbye to tension headaches, find balance, and experience better sleep!

What are the services included in the Destress Treatment?

1.Neck and shoulder Aromatherapy Guasha (scraping) 颈肩刮痧:

We combined TCM scraping with aromatherapy by using pure essential oil with therapeutic effect, the whole treatment process is fragrant and comfortable, you are physically and mentally relaxed.

2. Cupping Therapy 拔罐 :
Cupping is done according to the meridian flow to achieve deep muscle relaxation, clear heat, dispel dampness and cold.

De-stress Body Acupuncture 针灸 :
According to your body condition and main concern, acupoints are selected to regulate the imbalance of the body.

4. Aromatherapy Scalp Acupressure 头皮穴位指压
Aromatherapy scalp acupressure combines the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with gentle pressure applied to specific points on the scalp. This technique aims to promote relaxation, alleviate tension, and enhance overall well-being by stimulating the body's natural energy flow.

5.Herbal Heat Pack + Herbal Eye Pillow 草本热敷
Herbal heat packs and eye pillows offer relaxation, stress relief, and natural pain management. They ease muscle tension, improve circulation, promote better sleep, and provide soothing relief for headaches and stress.

Whole treatment process is done by a certified TCM practitioner. 

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