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De-stress package

Majority of us suffer from long working hours and mental pressure, causing problems like shoulder and neck stiffness, backache, emotional tension, mental fatigue, eye fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, etc.

De-stress package provided by our center combined both TCM and aromatherapy helps to relieve tension, improve shoulder and neck fatigue, poor sleep, digestion and other problems.

What are the services included in the Destress package?

TCM diagnosis:
Our professional TCM practitioner will analyze your body condition from Chinese medicine perspective through consultation, pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis.

2.Neck and shoulder Aromatherapy Guasha 10 minutes :
We combined TCM scraping with aromatherapy by using pure essential oil with therapeutic effect, the whole treatment process is fragrant and comfortable, you are physically and mentally relaxed.

3. Cupping 20 minutes :
Cupping is done according to the meridian flow to achieve deep muscle relaxation, clear heat, dispel dampness and cold.

Body Acupuncture 30 minutes :
According to your body condition and main concern, acupoints are selected to regulate the imbalance of the body.

Whole treatment process is done by a certified TCM practitioner.