PCOS日常小贴士! – Virtue TCM 醫道閣



1) 减少糖和碳水化合物的摄取

多: 膳食纤维,豆类,西红柿,鱼,全谷物,牛油果,酸奶

少: 加工食品、添加糖、碳水化合物

2) 控制体重: 减轻原有体重的5-10%。

3) 定期锻炼: 每周3-5日的有氧运动,每次30-45分钟

4) 按摩穴位: 子宫穴按揉,每日5分钟。

5) 充足的睡眠和缓解压力: 睡前喝一杯玫瑰或薰衣草茶。

PCOS Daily Reminder:

1) Reduce sugar and carbohydrates

More: Dietary fiber, beans, berries, tomatoes, fish, whole grains, avocado, yogurt

Less: Processed food, added sugar, carbohydrates

2) Manage weight : Lost 5-10% of your body weight.

3) Exercise regularly : 30 to 45 minutes of cardio exercise 3 to 5 days a week

4) Massage Acupoint: Massage Zi Gong acupoint daily for 5 minutes.

5)Get enough sleep and manage stress: Drink a cup of rose or lavender tea at night before sleep.